Xseg 0.1 Alpha


Xseg 0.1 Alpha

Xseg is an open source flexible server monitoring tool. Xseg can be used in linux servers that run services for public. You can run xseg and give extented server status info to your community. For now it has some tiny features but in the near future it'll be a complete server monitoring system.

xseg does not run all the time as a daemon or background job but it's started by crontab.


1. untar and extract xseg.0.1.tgz
2. cd into xseg.0.1
3. type make
4. edit xseg.conf as you want ( for more info look README )
5. add xseg to crontab. for ex:
*/5 * * * 6. /root/xseg.0.1/xseg -f /root/xseg.0.1/xseg.conf this will make xseg run every 5 minutes with config given config file

Do not forget to copy on.gif and off.gif to output dir in config file!

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Publisher/Developer: Huseyin Uslu

Release Date: Jun 28, 2012

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