WWW::Twilio::TwiML 1.05

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WWW::Twilio::TwiML 1.05

WWW::Twilio::TwiML is a Perl module that creates Twilio-compatible TwiML documents. Documents can be built by creating and nesting one element at a time or by chaining objects. Elements can contain attributes, text content, or other elements.

TwiML, being XML, could be trivially generated with XML::LibXML or any number of other XML parsers/generators. Philosophically, WWW::Twilio::TwiML represents an economical TwiML generator. It has a small footprint (TwiML documents are typically small and simple) and means to make TwiML creation straightforward and moderately fun.

WWW::Twilio::TwiML's primary aim is for economy of expression. Therefore, Any method you call on a TwiML object (except those described below) will create new TwiML objects by the name of the method you called. By chaining method calls, you can create robust TwiML documents with very little code.


 use WWW::Twilio::TwiML;

 my $t = new WWW::Twilio::TwiML;
 print $t->to_string;

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