wtime 0.2

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wtime 0.2

wtime is a command line utility providing a way to track time spent on arbitrary tasks. The program serves as a front-end for plain text files that hold time data.

wtime provides a way to start/stop counting, display elapsed time, and display time spent in the selected time interval (defined by start and end date). The aim is to keep the program as simple as possible.


· libc


as normal user:
$ make clean
$ make

as root:
$ make install


wt -[asch]
wt -r [< start > [< stop >]]

-a : start counting
-s : stop counting
-c : display currently elapse time
-h : display help

-r [< start > [< stop >]] - display the sum from the period defined by start and stop
- start defaults to the begining of the current month
- stop defaults to the current time
- the format of start and stop is %d-%m-%Y (man strptime(3))

What's New in This Release:

· Support for multiple tasks
· Added manual page
· Some cleanups

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Publisher/Developer: Jan Podrouzek

Release Date: Jun 26, 2012

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