WinShares 0.6-2


WinShares 0.6-2

WinShares is a Linux program that scans the network and mounts all Windows and Samba shares available, allowing to browse them. It uses CIFS VFS and it's writen in shell script.

It is very simple to install and use. The project's main goal was to use a simple command or a single click, to mount the shares available on the network, and allow browsing them easily. And this is the way it works.

A configuration file exists, but it is only needed if the user wishes to specify some preferences.

The program is developed in shell script avoiding the need to compile the source.

Here are some key features of "WinShares":

· Mounts all (or some) samba and windows shares available in the network using CIFS VFS, allowing to browse them and also streaming media files.
· Runs in text mode. No need to have a graphical interface.
· If there is a graphical interface it runs with a simple click and a desktop link is created allowing to browse all the shares mounted.
· It is written in shell script.
· WinShares needs samba 3.0.20-2 or newest to work. Mount.cifs and umount.cifs must be present in the system.
· It was successfully tested in Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10, OpenSUSE 10.2, Mandriva 2007, Caixa Mágica 11.
· It doesn't work in older linux distributions.


Mount.cifs and umount.cifs must exist in the system. If your system use rpm packages, be sure you have samba-client 3.0.20-2 or higher. If you have an older version you must uninstall it first (see UNINSTALL mentioned bellow)

You must uncompress ws package first and then cd to the directory created:

$ su -
$ tar -xzvf ws-X.Y-Z.tar.gz
$ cd ws-X.Y-Z
$ ./ws-install
$ exit


$ sudo ./ws-install

What's New in This Release:

· International desktop name translations are accepted.
· A logfile is optionally created.
· The default softlink name "WinShares" was created in the desktop, and can be personalized by each user in the configuration file.
· The WORKGROUP variable in ws.conf supports more then one domain or workgroup.
· A progress bar is available.
· There is a new /etc/ws.conf that can overrides ~/.ws/ws.conf.
· Ws now deletes every residual softlink or folders left during an unclean shutdown.
· Several other improvements were made in the code.

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