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Phlea - GPL

Phlea is an Xfce theme, with a clean and simple look.Some problems with title-*-*.xpm. you can

Scarecrow 1.0.1 GPL

Scarecrow is a theme that looks like Mac OS 8-9.It actually includes two themes:Scarecrow:

Shiftie Black 1.1 GPL

Shiftie Black is a black mod of the Shiftie GTK theme for GNOME.Requirements:· GTK 2.x·

Cobra OSX 1.0 GPL

Cobra OSX is a port from the Cobra OSX metacity theme to xfwm.About Xfce:Xfce is a free software

Orange-look-Meta 1.0 GPL

Orange-look-Meta is a GTK theme for the GNOME desktop environment.Product's

Rezlooks-Cuttooth 0.1 GPL

Rezlooks-Cuttooth is a GNOME theme based off the Rezlooks engine.Developer commentsThe window

Rezlooks-Victrola 0.1 GPL

Rezlooks-Victrola is a GTK theme based off the Rezlooks engine. The window manager used in the

blackcat - GPL

blackcat is an Xfce theme that sets xfce4 windows to shade on doubleclick. This theme is made for

Matrix Complete 1.0 GPL

Matrix Complete is a GTK theme for the GNOME desktop environment, based on the Matrix movie.The tar

murrina argilla slim 0.1 GPL

murrina argilla slim is a natural color Murrina theme for GNOME. Argilla stands for clay in