SystemRescueCd 3.3.0


SystemRescueCd 3.3.0

SystemRescueCd is an open source Linux operating system that contains a lot of system utilities (such as parted, partimage, and fstools), and basic programs (such as editors, midnight commander, and network tools).

It also includes QtParted, a Partition Magic clone that makes editing partitons easy with its Qt graphical user interface.

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· Standard kernels is Long-Term-Supported linux-3.4.27 (rescuecd + rescue64)
· Alternative kernels updated to latest stable 3.7.4 (altker32 + altker64)
· Fixed "waiting for uevents to be processed" by upgrading udev to 197-r4
· Updated XFS Filesystem utilities: xfsprogs-3.1.10 + xfsdump-3.1.2
· Updated app-backup/dar-2.4.9 (Disk-Archive 2.4.9)
· Added x11-misc/grsync-1.1.1 (A gtk frontend to rsync)
· Added sys-fs/fuse-exfat-1.0.0 (exFAT filesystem FUSE module)
· Fixed Network-Manager applet in the graphical environment
· Rebased genkernel on latest upstream version
· Updated sys-fs/ntfs3g to 2013.1.13

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Publisher/Developer: François Dupoux

Release Date: Jan 29, 2013

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