SSXML 082807


SSXML 082807

SSXML is short from Supper Simple XML and is a XML parser.

It is designed to have few features. It supports SAX and DOM, searching by tag, and building a list of common tags. Other features include editing and creating XML in memory and writing it out to a file.

To build the test program type "make"

To run the test program type testdom intest.xml outfile.xml
The code should parse any proper xml file but may crash if the file is malformed.

Developer Comments

I created this code because I needed a small xml parser to read configuration files and such.All other code I found was too big or too buggy.I am not finished with the code and should be updating often.I have NO plans to support the w3 requirments for xml parsers.I have no need for that much functionality.

The search is a bit weard right now.It will search from the bottom up.I will get it fixed some day.

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Release Date: Jul 1, 2012

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