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ack 2.12 Artistic License

ack is an open source command-line software written in pure Perl and designed as a grep-like tools

Gtk2-Perl Glib 1.304 LGPL

Gtk2-Perl Glib is an open source Perl module that provides Perl access to Glib and GLib's GObject

LibCVS Perl 1.00.02 GPL

LibCVS Perl simplifies the job of writing tools around CVS by providing Perl libraries that

WWW::NanoRef 0.01 Perl Artistic License

WWW::NanoRef is a Perl module that uses the API published by to produce shortened

Tclperl 3.1 LGPL

Tclperl project allows the execution of Perl code from within a TCL interpreter using one or

File::CacheDir 1.30 Perl Artistic License

File::CacheDir is a Perl module that attempts to keep files around for some ttl, while quickly,

Btrees 1.00 Perl Artistic License

Btrees is a Perl module with binary trees using the AVL balancing method.SYNOPSIS # yes, do

Perl Dev Kit 8.0 Shareware

Perl Dev Kit or PDK in short, provides essential tools for Perl programmers, making it easy to

OpenGL::QEng::WoodDoor 0.27 Perl Artistic License

WoodDoor is a Door that is made of boards with an iron handle.Product's

SOAPjr::request 1.1.4 Perl Artistic License

SOAPjr::request is the SOAPjr request object, written in Perl.Product's