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Gtk2-Perl Glib 1.304 LGPL

Gtk2-Perl Glib is an open source Perl module that provides Perl access to Glib and GLib's GObject

Btrees 1.00 Perl Artistic License

Btrees is a Perl module with binary trees using the AVL balancing method.SYNOPSIS # yes, do

Perl Dev Kit 8.0 Shareware

Perl Dev Kit or PDK in short, provides essential tools for Perl programmers, making it easy to

OpenGL::QEng::WoodDoor 0.27 Perl Artistic License

WoodDoor is a Door that is made of boards with an iron handle.Product's

OpenGL::QEng::Thing 0.27 Perl Artistic License

OpenGL::QEng::Thing is a Perl class for everything in the 3D part of the game.Product's

Lingua::EN::Namegame 0.05 Perl Artistic License

Lingua::EN::Namegame is a Perl module that creates a "Name-Game" verse from a name (or

AI::FreeHAL::Class 71 Perl Artistic License

AI::FreeHAL::Class is a Perl module that offers support for creating standard "inside-out"

cpan2rpm 2.028 Perl Artistic License

cpan2rpm is a Perl script that generates an RPM package from a Perl module. It uses the standard

Telephony::CTPort 1.01 Perl Artistic License

Telephony::CTPort is a Perl module that implements an Object-Oriented interface to control Computer

Math::Round 0.06 Perl Artistic License

Math::Round is a Perl module that supplies functions that will round numbers in different ways. The