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GNU Guix GPL v3

GNU Guix is an open source free software distribution solution for all GNU/Linux distributions.GNU


GNU 3DKit is a platform independent rendering architecture based on OpenGL, written in ObjC.GNU

GNU Coreutils 8.20 GPL

GNU Coreutils is an open source collection of GNU/Linux utilities to manipulate files, shells and

GNU Mobile-remix 1.0 GPL

GNU Mobile-remix is a mix between the GNU mobile and GNU Tierra themes.Developer commentsI liked

GNU Termutils 2.0 GPL

GNU Termutils provides control utilities for the GNU terminal.This directory contains the GNU

GNU FreeIPMI 1.2.4 GPL

The GNU FreeIPMI project provides "Remote-Console" (out-of-band) and "System Management Software"

GNU Bison 2.7 GPL

GNU Bison is an open source parser generator designed to convert a grammar description into a C

GNU Core Utilities 5.92 GPL

The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU


GNU 3DLDF is a package for three-dimensional drawing withMetaPostoutput. GNU 3DLDF 1.2.0, the

GNU Anubis 4.1.1 GPL

GNU Anubis is an SMTP message submission daemon. GNU Anubis represents an intermediate layer