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GnoeMoe 2.2.0 GPL

GnoeMoe is a GTK+/Gnome based MOO-client for unix. GnoeMoe project tries to follow the HIG as

Friend of GNOME 0.99 MPL

Whenever you visit Amazon and haven't followed an affiliate link, Friend of GNOME is a Firefox

Phenix 0.1 GPL

Phenix provides aa theme inspired by mozilla-modern-2.Phenix is a theme inspired by

SmoothGNOME 2.0.4 GPL

SmoothGNOME is a GNOME theme that is attempts to make a nicer default looking desktop. It only uses

GNOME-Fx 1.0.1 GPL

GNOME-Fx is a set of themes for Mozilla Firefox which tries to let Firefox look like a native GNOME

MacOS-X Aqua Theme 1.2.1 GPL

MacOS-X Aqua Theme provides a GTK 2.x theme/style for GNOME.How to install?· Right click on

Afterhours 1.0 GPL

Afterhours provides a pixmap theme for Gnome (GTK+).I recommand Zen as a Metacity theme by Billy

Gnursid 1.0 GPL

Gnursid is a XP Olive-like theme for Gnome (GTK+).Gnursid uses colours similar to XP/Olive. Many

Sedation 0.1 BSD License

Sedation provides an adaptation of the Sedation theme for Enlightenment.Requirements:·

Dark Ice 0.3.1 GPL

Dark Ice is a GNOME theme based on RoyaltyBlack. Metacity, panel background and start icon are