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Free Proxy Switcher 0.2 Freeware

Free Proxy Switcher is a simple to use application, written using the Java programming language,

Free Help Desk 2.4.1 GPL

Responding and tracking help desk calls has never been easier with Free Help Desk, as it offers an

The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool 1.0.0 Other/Proprietary Li...

The Ultimate Free-Image Finder addon helps find Free Stock Photographs. It includes over 200

Free-SA 1.6.2 / 2.0.0 Beta 6p7 GPL v3

Free-SA is an open source and cross-platform, fast and W3C-compliant command-line/web-based

Amazon Prime/Free Super Saver/Discount Search 1.0.5 MPL

Amazon Prime/Free Super Saver/Discount Search is a Firefox extension that filters out search

Blackjack Free 13.3052.221 Freeware

At Blackjack Free games you have to win with playing Blackjack. Get 21 points or get as close to

SMI! for Domino Free Edition 4.2.1 Freeware

Secure Mail Intelligence! for Domino Free Edition Secure Mail Intelligence! for Domino in Free

Free Bangla Fonts 0.8.5 GPL

Free Bangla Fonts is a project dedicated for creating Free, high quality, completely Unicode

Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.0 GPL

Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 or 64 bit (from 1.9.6) pascal compiler. Free Pascal Compiler

Free Heroes II r2693 GPL

Free Heroes II is a project that aims to create a free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic