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Express Download Manager Beta GPL

Express Download Manager is a download manager. It aims to become a robust and cross platform,

Custom Download Manager 2.6.20091103 MPL

Custom Download Manager is a Firefox extension that allows you to personalize your download

Internet Download Accelerator 1.0 Freeware

Internet Download Accelerator extension makes it easier to download whatever you want. With this

WWW::Vimeo::Download 0.03 Perl Artistic License

WWW::Vimeo::Download is a Perl interface to download vimeo videos.SYNOPSIS use

Syno Download Redirector 1.0 Freeware

With Syno Download Redirector extension, you can easily redirect links to your Synology Download

RPNET Download Helper 3.0 MIT/X Consortium Lic...

RPNET Download Helper is a Firefox extension to download the selected links using RPNET. This

Download Assistant 5.0.2 Freeware

Download Assistant extension allows you to download links on a web page with your favorite

OMA::Download::OTA 1.00.06 GPL

OMA::Download::OTA is a Perl module that provides complete implementation of the Open Mobile

Dropbox Gallery Download Freeware

How to install:1. Download it from the link above 2. Make it executable 3. Copy it to

Net::Download::XMLScripted::XMLScripted 0.1 Perl Artistic License

Net::Download::XMLScripted::XMLScripted is a daily download program. The input is an XML file