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Ask Both 0.0.1 Freeware is a web 2.0 Search Engine, which allows you to search for real time results on Google,

6XMailer 0.95.00 GPL

6XMailer has many uses from both private to corporate uses.It's developing constantly and many new

AABrowse 0.0.8 GPL

AABrowse is a server browser for America's Army written in QT. It supports both Gamespy and

Julppu 2009-05-04 BSD License

Julppu is the best friend of Tulppu. Both Julppu and Tulppu are tools used in the boy/girl scouting

Freedbtool 1.13 GPL

Freedbtool is a command-line tool for accessing the music database, allowing both query

J 701 Freeware

J is a modern programming language that runs both in a GUI and in a console.It's also available for

MetaFTPD 1.0.1 GPL

MetaFTPD is an open source FTP server and proxy shell application that supports both inetd and

DataSiphon 0.27 GPL

DataSiphon is a data manipulation and transformation utility written in Python. It provides both

SSTPong 0.1 GPL

SSTPong software is a breakout style pong game used to test both a player's skill and web services.

Englab 0.2.1 Alpha GPL

EngLab is a cross-compile mathematical platform with a C like syntax intended to be used both by