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Bauble 0.9.3 GPL

Bauble is a software created to help you manage a collection of botanical specimens. It is intended

Bot::Infobot 0.9 Perl Artistic License

Bot::Infobot is a Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable based replacement for the venerable infobot. After

MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Admin 3.004000 Perl Artistic License

MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Admin is a plugin to the MediaWiki::Bot framework to provide administrative

Dial-Up Bot 0.3 GPL

Dial-Up Bot project aims to be a fully functional automated replacement for the

Black List Scanning Bot 3.0 Alpha 3 GPL

Black List Scanning Bot (BLSB for short) checks the IP addresses of users connecting to your IRC

Think Tanks 1.1 Shareware

ThinkTanks is a tank combat game designed to be a blast for the new and experienced gamer alike

cmdbot-evented 0.1 WTFPL

cmdbot-evented is an IRC bot written in Python. It consists of a core module that defines a