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UrT0 Mandingo Bot 1.0 GPL

UrT0 Bot (aka Mandingo) is a bot for the Urban Terror chat system.Here are some key features of

Bot::Infobot 0.9 Perl Artistic License

Bot::Infobot is a Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable based replacement for the venerable infobot. After

Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable 0.95 Perl Artistic License

Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable is a Perl extension to the simple IRC bot base class allowing for

MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Admin 3.004000 Perl Artistic License

MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Admin is a plugin to the MediaWiki::Bot framework to provide administrative

Dial-Up Bot 0.3 GPL

Dial-Up Bot project aims to be a fully functional automated replacement for the

Black List Scanning Bot 3.0 Alpha 3 GPL

Black List Scanning Bot (BLSB for short) checks the IP addresses of users connecting to your IRC

Test::Bot 0.06 Perl Artistic License

Test::Bot is a Perl module that provides a continuous integration bot for automatically running

Eggdrop Jabber Bot 0.3 GPL

The Eggdrop Jabber Bot bridges your Eggdrop IRC bot to the Jabber instant messaging network and

brutal-bot 0.1.3 BSD License

brutal-bot is yet another awful chat bot written with Twisted. Exact sync of repo on

IRC::Bot::Hangman 0.1 Perl Artistic License

IRC::Bot::Hangman is an IRC hangman class.SYNOPSIS use