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Praisenter 2.0.4 Freeware

A multi-platform and free Java software that can be used in churches for presentations

Praisenter 2.0.3 Freeware

Praisenter is a freeware and cross-platform graphical software written in the Java programming

King James Pure Bible Search 1.1.0 GPL v3

King James Pure Bible Search is an open source graphical software that allows users to analyze and

Noor 1.2.1 GPL v3

Noor application is useful for viewing Quran. Currently it has a GTK interface that uses PyGtk

BibleMemorizer 0.6.4 GPL

BibleMemorizer is a program to help you with memorizing the Scripture. It allows you to create

QProjector 0.3.0 GPL

QProjector is an application to present different types of media on a projector. QProjector

gVerse 0.5 GPL

gVerse is a GTK+ program that displays a daily Bible verse. It can display the verse in a GTK+

PHP Prayer Board 0.6.0 / 0.8.0 Beta GPL

PHP Prayer Board is software that collects, organizes, and displays requests for prayer. PHP Prayer

Prayer Board 1.0.1 GPL v3

Prayer Board is an online prayer bulletin board.Prayer Board is software that collects, organizes,

Asaph 0.5.5 GPL

Asaph is a tool for Christian music groups and worship leaders for managing song databases. What's