Ponfish 0.03

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Ponfish 0.03

Ponfish is a binary newsreader in Perl.


There are two programs you will need to run: ponfishr, the user interface, and ponfishd the command executer.

ponfishr is the newsreader client, and ponfishd is the downloading service. Ponfishr does not connect to Usenet, it only issues commands that ponfishd queues up and executes. More on this later, for now just remember that ponfishd does work in the background, and that ponfishr is what you use to read news.

For the rest of this document, I'll call ponfishr the READER, and ponfishd the DAEMON.

Run the daemon in a separate terminal. You will not be able to run more than one instance of the daemon, nor do you want to - it could cause problems AND double your used bandwidth by executing the same commands twice.

Run the reader in another terminal. Make sure the terminal is nice and large, you'll need all the visible space you can get. I will normally maximize the terminal and use a small fixed font to get around 300 characters of width by 90 characters height.

The following sections now describe usage within the reader:

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