OpenFVM 1.0


OpenFVM 1.0

OpenFVM is a general CFD solver released under the GPL license. It was developed to simulate the flow in complex 3D geometries. Therefore, the mesh can be unstructured and contain control volumes with arbritrary shape. The code uses the finite volume method to evaluate the partial differential equations. As well as solving the velocity and pressure fields, the project aims to develop a code capable of solving non-isothermal multiphase flow for the simulation of the filling of cavities and containers which is an important aspect of many industrial processes.


· GMSH version 1.65


1. Copy the LASPACK source files (*.c, *.h) to directory "source/laspack"

2. Install GMSH version 1.65

3. Install GNUPLOT

4. Edit LASPACK source files and replace all occurences of '#include "laspack/' with '#include "' or type: "./fixlaspack"

5. To build the program from the source code type: "./compile"

6. To generate a mesh go to lid directory (examples/lid) and type: "gmsh lid.geo -3"

7. Still in this directory type: "../OpenFVM lid" to run the program

8. To view a 2D plot the residual type: "gnuplot lid.plt"

9. To view the results type: "gmsh lid.pos &"

10. Once the "lid.pos" is loaded in GMSH, open "lid.scr" file. This script will extract data, generate 2D plots of the velocity and save it in two files "lid_u.txt" and lid_v.txt"

11. To view the 2D plots type: "gnuplot lid.gph"

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