Nvidia Linux Display Driver 32-bit 346.72

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Nvidia Linux Display Driver 32-bit 346.72

Nvidia Linux Display Driver is a proprietary OpenGL video driver thattries to bring support for the graphics cards produced by Nvidia onLinux-based operating systems. This version supports only the 32-bitarchitecture. For 64-bit support, see this link. Even if itprovides a settings panel, the Nvidia Linux Display Driver is not anapplication. It is a hardware driver, which provides some instructionsthat tell an operating system how to use a piece of hardware.

Installing Nvidia Linux Display Driver

Inorder to install the Nvidia Linux Display Driver on your Linux machine,one needs to download the binary package using the “Download” buttonabove, save the file on their Home folder and execute the sh./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-xxx.xx.run command, as root, in a Linux Terminal(where xxx.xx is the version number).

During the installation,users will be asked if they want to edit the X configuration filemanually or let the installer do all the work. Alternatively, afterinstallation, you can run the nvidia-xconfig command via a LinuxTerminal to set the new driver as the default one.

Drop-in replacement for Nouveau

These days,many Linux flavors are bundled with an open source driver for Nvidiagraphics cards, called Nouveau, created by a group of developers whowork for the freedesktop.org project.

The good thing about theNouveau driver is that it works pretty well by default and it isintegrated into the upstream Linux kernel, so you don’t have to downloador install anything on your Linux operating system.

Supports a wide range of Nvidia GPUs

In ourtests, we’ve discovered that the Nvidia Linux Display Driver supportsmuch more Nvidia graphics cards than the open source Nouveau driver. Itplays well with most of the ION, ION LE, Quadro Plex, Quadro Sync, GRID,NVS, nForce Professional 3000, Quadro FX, Quadro Blade, as well as allthe GeForce series.

All in all, if you have a PC or laptopequipped with an Nvidia GPU, and you have issues with the defaultNouveau open source driver, you may want to install the Nvidia LinuxDisplay Driver. It’s also the number one choice for gaming users.

Download and use it now: Nvidia Linux Display Driver 32-bit 346.72 free download

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