MMLX 1.0.2

The Apache License 2.0

MMLX 1.0.2

MMLX is a music programming language used to make NES Chiptunes. It extends from Music Macro Language:

It is short for MML eXtended. Everything written in MML is valid in MMLX, but there are additional features.

If you are familiar with web programming, MMLX is to MML what SASS is to CSS

For a getting started tutorial check out:

For complete documentation:

You can check out some samples in the files/mmlx directory of this repository. Also an MML beginner's guide is available at:

Quick start (stable release)

pip install mmlx
mmlx --watch path/to/mmlx

for additional options run

mmlx --help

Dev version

If you want to try the latest greatest you can install the dev version

pip install

Product's homepage

Here are some key features of "MMLX":

· define and use instrument patches
· use ADSR envelopes for creating instruments
· import other MMLX files or instruments into your current file
· use portamento to slide smoothly from one note to the next
· store data such as chords or patterns in variables
· transpose to any key
· target notes directly by octave without having to manually move up and down octaves
· auto generate NSF files on save and open them
· generate separate NSF files for each voice


· Python
· setuptools

Download and use it now: MMLX 1.0.2 free download

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