Make audio 0.4.1


Make audio 0.4.1

Make audio is a graphical tool to create audio CDs from MP3 or wav files. You can simply arrange a playlist of all songs that you want. The application converts MP3 files to WAV and then burns them on the CD.


· Perl
· Tk
· lame
· cdrecord (optionally)
· mpg123 (optionally)
· mp3tag (optionally)
· mp3info (optionally)
· gtk-shell, ONLY for 0.2.3 version

What's New in This Release:

· change dot directory to $ENV{HOME}/.mkaudio/ and data dir to $ENV{HOME}/.mkaudio/data/
· add "Play/Stop" button and functions, that play mp3's
· disable MP3info in this version, it have some bugs with colors in mp3tag output
· add "Process output" window and some IPC functions
· split application on to two parts, mkaudioCD and burn_part
· clean code
· check bug with file extensions in upper case
· check bug with call undefined subroutine NEW
· remove "Remove Raw files" checkbutton,that not needed now
· useing lame as mp3 decoder, NOT mpg123!
· sox not needed at that version
· some GUI design changes

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Price: FREE

Publisher/Developer: Andreas Henningsson

Release Date: Jun 23, 2012

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