Kwooty 0.9.0


Kwooty 0.9.0

Kwooty is a software that supports file repairing (with use of par2 binary) and archive extraction (with use of unrar binary) when nzb download content has been achieved.

This is the first release but most of features should be functional.


How to build the project:

1. untar the archive

tar xvfz kwooty-0.1.0.tar.gz

2. build and install:

cd kwooty
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install OR > su -c 'make install'

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· KDE Software Compilation

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New plugin: "Categories". This plugin allows to transfer downloaded contents to favorites folders defined in the plugin settings.
· Scheduler plugin: bypass feature added. Scheduler can now be bypassed for items manually set on "Start" or "Pause" or both (to be configured in Scheduler settings).
· Scheduler plugin: new nzb items can now automatically be set on Pause when appended (feature is enabled if "Always limit download speed" is checked).
· Scheduler plugin: better download/pause behavior.
· New option "Display tiny file names" in "Display Mode" settings.
· Better distinction of par2 files: to improve readability, name of par2 files is displayed in gray.
· The mean download speed of each server has been added nearby its current download speed in the server statistics panel (feature request).
· Bug fix: maximized setting about server statistics panel was sometimes not correctly restored between kwooty's sessions.

Download and use it now: Kwooty 0.9.0 free download

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Price: FREE

Publisher/Developer: Xavier Lefage

Release Date: Aug 16, 2012

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