Kaiten::Container 0.37


Kaiten::Container 0.37

Kaiten::Container is a Perl module to resolve dependency injection conception in easiest way ever. You are just create some code first and put it on kaiten in named container. Later you take it by name and got yours code result fresh and crispy.

No more humongous multi-level dependency configuration, service provider and etc.

You got what you put on, no more, no less.

Ok, little bit more - Kaiten::Container run |probe| sub every time when you want to take something to ensure all working properly.

And another one - KC try to re-use |handler| return if it requested.

 use Kaiten::Container;

 my $config = {
 ExampleP => {
 handler => sub { return DBI->connect( "dbi:ExampleP:", "", "", { RaiseError => 1 } ) or die $DBI::errstr },
 probe => sub { shift->ping() },
 settings => { reusable => 1 }

 my $container = Kaiten::Container->new( init => $config );
 my $dbh = $container->get_by_name('ExampleP');

All done, now we are have container and may get DB handler on call. Simple!

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