Jellyfish 0.2.0

BSD License

Jellyfish 0.2.0

Jellyfish is a Python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings.

Written by Michael Stephensand James Turk .

Source is available at

Included Algorithms

String comparison:

 * Levenshtein Distance
 * Damerau-Levenshtein Distance
 * Jaro Distance
 * Jaro-Winkler Distance
 * Match Rating Approach Comparison
 * Hamming Distance

Phonetic encoding:

 * American Soundex
 * Metaphone
 * NYSIIS (New York State Identification and Intelligence System)
 * Match Rating Codex

Example Usage

>>> import jellyfish
>>> jellyfish.levenshtein_distance('jellyfish', 'smellyfish')
>>> jellyfish.jaro_distance('jellyfish', 'smellyfish')
>>> jellyfish.damerau_levenshtein_distance('jellyfish', 'jellyfihs')

>>> jellyfish.metaphone('Jellyfish')
>>> jellyfish.soundex('Jellyfish')
>>> jellyfish.nysiis('Jellyfish')
>>> jellyfish.match_rating_codex('Jellyfish')

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