Ixion media player 0.2


Ixion media player 0.2

Ixion is a media player that uses wxWidgets and GStreamer. It's is just a simple video player that can play at double or half speed. It can be useful as an example of how to write a simple app based on wxWidgets and/or GStreamer.

Ixion is a media player written in C/C++ using wxWidgets and GStreamer. It is not a bleeding edge, full-featured, eye-candy, all-in-one application; Ixion exists only because I needed a video player that could play at double or half speed. However, it can be useful if you want to see how to write a simple app based in wxWidgets and/or GStreamer. Source code is available for download under the GPL license.

You can download the source code from the downloads section. It will compile on most *nix systems ig there are the required libraries, including GNU/Linux.

Alternatively, you can get the source code using anonymous CVS access:
$ cvs -d:ext:anonymous@cvs.lug.fi.uba.ar:/cvsroot/ixion co ixion

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Publisher/Developer: Diego Essaya

Release Date: Jun 22, 2012

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