GNU rush 1.7

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GNU rush 1.7

GNU rush is a restricted user shell intended for use with ssh, rsh and similar remote access programs. Using a sophisticated configuration file, Rush gives you complete control over the command lines that users execute, usage of system resources, such as virtual memory, CPU time, etc. In particular, it allows to run remote programs in a chrooted environment.

For task trackers, mailing lists, etc., see the GNU Rush development center.

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This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
· Autoconf 2.63
· Automake 1.11.1
· Libtool 2.2.7a
· Gnulib v0.0-3896-gabe9c75

Noteworthy changes in this release:

· New configuration statements `acct-umask', `acct-dir-mode', `acct-file-mode'

· These statements set the value of umask used when accessing accounting database files, and permissions for the accounting directory and database files, correspondingly.

· Conditions `uid' and `gid' accept symbolic user/group names as argument.

Both conditions now accept symbolic as well as numeric arguments, e.g.:

· uid 1300
· uid smith
· uid < smith
· git != 500

The `newgrp' command:

· The `newgrp' command changes the current group ID to the one given as its argument, which must be either a numeric GID or a name of an existing group.

· Default regex flags affect the `transform' statement.

New translations:

· Dutch, by Koen Torfs.
· Vietnamese, by Clytie Siddall.

· Fix memory allocation in make_file_name (puszcza#127).
· Fix handling of numeric options in `rushlast'.
· A single fall-through rule caused infinite loop (puszcza#127#comment7).
· Accounting mode is now off by default, as described in the documentation.

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