GetLatestTinderbox 0.2.10


GetLatestTinderbox 0.2.10

GetLatestTinderbox is a script that allows you to get the latest Mozilla Firefox Tinderbox build.

Tinderbox is a webtool that Mozilla developers use to check whether the current source code compiles on various platforms and passes automated test suites.

Mozilla runs build computers ("Tinderboxen") that continually build the latest source code; the tinderbox webtool shows the status of these builds. Use the tables there to find out the status of the source tree for the platform, product, and code branch you are interested in.

 * The green bar means the latest code (in cvs/hg) compiles and passes the tests that are run on the box.
 * Red means the build failed during compilation, so your build likely will fail too (provided you're using a similar toolset).
 * Orange means the binary was built successfully, but failed some of the tests.
 * Finally, if yellow, the build is in process.

Full output from a particular build is also available from the tinderbox page. These (rather large) pages can be used to figure out why the tree is red or orange.

Tinderbox also reports the results of various performance tests such as Tp or Txul. Mozilla developers frequently check these numbers to observe the effect of code changes on performance; a change that sufficiently slows performance may be backed out.

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