foo2slx 10-30-2007


foo2slx 10-30-2007

foo2slx application is an open source printer driver for printers that use the Software Imaging K.K.SLX wire protocol for their print data, such as theLexmark C500n. These printers are often erroneously referred to as winprinters or GDI printers. However, Microsoft GDI only mandates the API between an application and the printer driver, not the protocol on the wire between the printer driver and the printer. In fact, SLX printers are raster printers which happen to use a very efficient wire protocol which was developed by Zenographics and cloned by Software Imaging K.K. and licensed by most major printer manufacturers for at least some of their product lines. SLX is just one of many wire protocols that are in use today, such as Postscript, PCL, Epson, ZjStream, etc.

This driver uses Ghostscript to perform all of the heavy lifting (image processing). There are six major components to the foo2slx printer driver.

· foo2slx - the page image to protocol conversion engine of the driver.
· foo2slx-wrapper - a shell script (compatible with foomatic) which runs ghostscript and foo2slx in a pipeline.
· icc2ps - converts an ICM color profile to a Postscript CRD, which is then fed into Ghostscript before the users Postscript program.
· foomatic-db - foomatic database entries which describe the supported printers and their options so that printer spoolers know how to access the printer using foo2slx-wrapper.
· slxdecode - a tool for developers to inspect SLX streams.
· opldecode - a tool for developers to inspect OPL streams.

DON'T USE the foo2zjs package from Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandrake/Manrivia, Debian, RedHat, Gentoo, MacOSX, or BSD!

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