Dropbox 2.6.25 / 2.7.47 Experimental


Dropbox 2.6.25 / 2.7.47 Experimental

Dropbox is a free graphical application that lets users to browse andupload files that are stored on their Dropbox account. Dropbox, as acompany, is a free and commercial file hosting service.

Thesedays, storing files on a cloud service is no longer the subject ofscience-fiction books, as there are numerous companies that offer suchservices, and Dropbox happens to be one of the first of its kind todeliver a Linux client.

With Dropbox, you will be able to sign inand access your files from any web browser or mobile device. Sharingfiles with your friends and family is just two clicks away, as well asviewing your photos in a gallery.

The bad thing about the Dropboxclient for Linux is that new and inexperienced users have no idea thatthe downloads offered on the official website for Ubuntu, Debian andFedora Linux distributions are very old (version 1.6.0 at the time ofwriting this short review), while the latest version is 2.x.

Moreover,installing the Dropbox client for Linux happens to be quiteoverwhelming for new Linux users, especially if it involves the LinuxTerminal, as suggested on the official homepage.

Following thecommand-line instructions provided on the Dropbox for Linux page willdownload a version from the 2.x branch, but not the latest release. Soour suggestion is to install Dropbox from your Linux distribution’sdefault software repositories.

Once installed, the client willautomatically start on the next reboot (if installed properly) and itwill ask users to login into their Dropbox account. The client willcreate a folder on your Home directory where it will download all thefiles that are stored on your Dropbox account.

It works just likeany other folder on your computer, but with a few differences: nocomplicated interfaces to learn, runs in the background, and syncs yourfiles automatically from your computer to the web, mobile and viceversa.

As far as we know, Arch Linux is the only distribution tooffer the latest version of the Dropbox client for Linux. So we suggestto install a user-friendly Arch Linux-based operating system, such asManjaro, if you want to enjoy the features brought by the latest Dropboxreleases

Download and use it now: Dropbox 2.6.25 / 2.7.47 Experimental free download

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Publisher/Developer: Dropbox Inc.

Release Date: Mar 29, 2014

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