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Text::ASCIIMathML is a Perl parser for ASCIIMathML text which produces MathML XML markup strings that are suitable for rendering by any MathML-compliant browser.

The parser uses the following attributes which are settable through the SetAttributes method:


 Specifies that the fonts should be optimized for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox.

The output of the TextToMathML method always follows the schema < mstyle >...< /mstyle >< /math > The first argument of TextToMathML is the ASCIIMathML text to be parsed into MathML. The second argument is a reference to an array of attribute/value pairs to be attached to the < math > node and the third argument is a reference to an array of attribute/value pairs for the < mstyle > node. Common attributes for the < math > node are "title" and "xmlns"=>"&mathml;". Common attributes for the < mstyle > node are "mathcolor" (for text color), "displaystyle"=>"true" for using display style instead of inline style, and "fontfamily".


 use Text::ASCIIMathML;

 $parser=new Text::ASCIIMathML();

 $parser->SetAttributes(ForMoz => 1);

 $ASCIIMathML = "int_0^1 e^x dx";
 $mathML = $parser->TextToMathML($ASCIIMathML);
 $mathML = $parser->TextToMathML($ASCIIMathML, [title=>$ASCIIMathML]);
 $mathML = $parser->TextToMathML($ASCIIMathML, undef, [displaystyle=>1]);

 $mathMLTree = $parser->TextToMathMLTree($ASCIIMathML);
 $mathMLTree = $parser->TextToMathMLTree($ASCIIMathML, [title=>$ASCIIMathML]);
 $mathMLTree = $parser->TextToMathMLTree($ASCIIMathML,undef,[displaystyle=>1]);

 $mathML = $mathMLTree->text();
 $latex = $mathMLTree->latex();

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