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Test::Smart is a Perl module that aims to fill a hole in the current set of testing tools by integrating an automated method for asking testing questions that computers cannot easily answer like: "Is this meteorologically sound?" or "Does this output fit into category x?" or "Is this distrobution quality?" and still allow standard test tools to work properly in terms of generating reports, locking the doors if the tests aren't passing, etc. etc.

Test::Smart is built on Test::Builder and will play nice with Test::Simple, Test::More, and anything they play nice with. To provide Smart answers to conceptual questions we cheat by asking people instead of actually solving a Very Hard Problem regarding machine intelligence. This requires a little more overhead as we need to set up a way to talk to people, and provide them some (but not too much) time to tender an answer.


 use Test::Smart import => [qw(ask answer)],tests => 7;

Start up the Human Interface:

 initialize("Test::Smart::Interface::Subclass",'Subclass args'...);

Synchronously submit and wait for a yes or a no answer:


Same, but with timeouts: (In seconds)

 get_yes("Need a fast asnwer",10);
 get_no("Need a fast denial",10);

Submit an asynchronous question:

 $question = ask("This could take a while");

Check the answer:


The check can timeout too:


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Publisher/Developer: Edgar A. Bering

Release Date: Jun 16, 2012

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