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md5sha1sum project provides md5sum, sha1sum, and ripemd160sum. They are intended to be drop in replacements for the tools from GNU textutils.

Since installing textutils is somewhat excessive for just those two utilities, these are meant to be the more compact and easier to install replacements. This is useful on systems such as Solaris where most of the tools from textutils are already provided by the vendor.


Efforts were taken to make these programs as compatible as possible to their counterparts from GNU textutils.This doesn't mean that they -are- compatible but most people will not be able to notice the difference.

Here's a dump of 'md5sum --help'
$ md5sum --help

Usage: ./md5sum [< option >] < file > [< file > [...] ]
./md5sum [< option >] --check < file >

Note:These options are mostly compatible with GNU md5sum
-s, -h, and -V are not available in GNU md5sum

-b, --binaryRead files in binary mode
-c, --check < file >Check MD5 sums from
-t, --textRead files in ASCII mode

-s, --statusSilent mode: Use exit code to determine verification

-h, --helpDisplay this help message and exit
-V, --versionDisplay program version and exit

Pretty self-explainatory.If you must have a man page for this program, the one for 'md5sum' from 'GNU textutils' should suit you fine.If you -MUST-have one specifically for this program, feel free to write it up and send itto me.

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