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Now a visually impaired person can read print using free software. EASY-OCR is perfect for Ubuntu 10.04.

Easy to install

We have provided 3 types of installation mode. gui mode, easy mode, and text mode.. first enter the easyocr package and extract it to your computer and then go to the folder, select mode and enter. in gui mode just tab to run and enter then follow the instructions.

Easy installation

In this mode after entering the folder select easy installation and enter and tab to select run and then enter password and wait . system will reboot after installation automatically.

Text mode installation

after entering the easyocr folder select text mode and enter. then tab to run in terminal. then enter and do as instructed.

Steps to be followed

be careful to select a scanner which has full support of x sane.

1 after rebooting and connecting the scanner to the computer press super+x to open xsane. 2 tab and come to -- directory /home/username/OCR/1.png and delete the word username and write your username.

3 change colour to lineart,binary or gray (if there is no option as written above you can proceed with colour option)

4 change brightness and resolution as needed resolution usually 300.

5 changing the rotation. if you are keeping the book or letter on the scanner on 90 or 270 degree. please do the following. alt+tab to go to preview menu and press shift tab to reach 000 combo box and change it to 90 or 270 as needed.

a caution for visually impaired, please select 90 which comes below 000. Though, all the 4 changes will remain the same you will have to set the rotation each time you open x sane.

6 alt tab again and come back to scanner menu. and press control+enter for start scanning. now go on scanning as many number of pages as you wish.

7 for converting and reading , press super+f9 and enter first page number and last page number as asked by the programme. after the text appeared you can use the reading key to read it. please note that it is not the page number of the book but the number of the page in the directory /home/username/OCR/1.png

8 if you are reading the document later, use super+f, go to output file to read your text material. you have pages and entire document here.

9 you can clear the output folder by pressing super+delete. .

10 there is facility for converting text in to wav format. super+a will help you for it.and the output will appear on Desktop.

Special features

two engines.

easyocr 1.5 has two engines. you can select engine1 by pressing super+f1 (window key+f1) and engine2 super+f2. engine1 is good for fast text conversion, and picture skipping engine2 is , good for layout analysis. both engines are almost 99 percent accurate in picking . no limitation to number of pages and text conversion.

Now, one can go on scanning and convert the text by following steps

1 after scanning press supper+f9. 2 easyocr will ask you to enter the number of the beginning page and then it will ask you to enter the number of end page. enter the number and enter. then conversion will start and it is noteworthy that orca will announce the number of the page being converted.

now after conversion the text will appear and you can press the add button to read.

output folder is now clean. at any time you can go to your text material by pressing super+f and then output folder will appear. from the folder you can select any page by pressing the number of the page and you can select your full text by pressing first number of the page +dash.

you can clean the output folder by pressing super+delete.

reading letters or checking output quality.

super+1 will always read the first page in the directory.after opening x sane by pressing super+x you can tab to the directory and change the page number to 1.png and again tab to plus1 combo box and press space and bring it to 0 and now you will remain at the same page even after scanning.

wav conversion. you can convert the text in to wav by pressing super+a. As in the case of text conversion, you can enter the page number and output will be saved on the desktop.

Keyboard shortcuts

Super+x ----Open the scanning software , Super+1 ----Test first png file , Super+f9 ---As real ocr key , Super+f1 ---Change to first engine , Super+f2 ---Change to second engine , Super+f ----Go to output folder , Super+o ----Call the screen reader(if you are a blind person) , Super+a ----Convert to wav audio file , control+Super+alt+delete ---to clean the output folder.

For more LANGUAGE contact nalin4linux77 AT

Please send thanks,suggestion and problems to nalin4linux77 AT

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