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BezierEditor software is a Bezier Curves Editor. A course work of a module I took this year at the University of Manchester was Computer Animation. To create smooth animations, cameras and objects movements are modelled with bezier curves ( all movements in that video are modelled with bezier curves).

BezierEditor can be used to edit bezier curves (of course), and it is a good (according to me) example to understand how GLUT and C++ work.

Here are some key features of "BezierEditor":

· create/remove curves - you can create one hundred curves in the same project. You can remove one ore more curves by selecting them. Each curve can be visible or invisible (useful with many curves at the same place)
· add/remove points from curves - A curve contains at least four control points and up to 1000 control points. You can add a new point between the first and the last control point or before the first one or after the last one. Remove is very easy: select one or more points (multiple selection is obtained with CTRL key) then press SUPPR or DEL or select 'remove selection' in the 'edit' menu.
· move points and curves - There are two mode : curve mode and point mode. In the first one, you can select and move curves (ie, every points of curves that are selected). In point mode, you can select and move control points.
· constaints - There are some constraints to keep continuity of curve (and of the derivative): when a green control point is moved, the previous and the next blue points are moved too.
· Zoom functions are useful - Functions available are zoom in, zoom out, zoom box (with CTRL key) and zoom reset (autoscale)
· The Work Space is loaded and saved in a simple text file. So you can edit it if you wish (each curve must be begun with a line containing 'C' char in the first place). You can save it in the same file or in a different one
· multiple selection is interesting too, for instance, to move a bit of a curve



Run the following commands in a terminal:

tar xzf BezierEditor-x.xx-src.tgz

# where x.xx is the version

cc -L/usr/X11R6/lib/ -lGLU -lGL -lm -lXmu -lXext -lglut *.cc -o BezierEditor

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