DeLorean_varNaM 0-05-28-12 Beta


DeLorean_varNaM 0-05-28-12 Beta

DeLorean_varNaM is a GTK3 theme for GNOME 3.4 that will not look as intended on previous versions of GNOME.


This theme requires that you run the included script. This theme will look like your computer puked windows\'98 if you do not run the script.
GTK3 gtk-engine-unico-1.0.1 or newer Stable
GTK2 gtk-engine-equinox 1.50 or newer
GTK2 pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
GTK3 gtk3-3.4 or newer installed

Theme Includes:

- Gtk2 & Gtk3 Themes
- Metacity 1, 2, & 3 Themes (Mutter)
- Unity Theme (Ubuntu)
- Emerald Themes

How to install?

About GNOME:

GNOME is an international effort to build a complete desktop environment—the graphical user interface which sits on top of a computer operating system—entirely from free software. This goal includes creating software development frameworks, selecting application software for the desktop, and working on the programs which manage application launching, file handling, and window and task management.

GNOME is part of the GNU Project and can be used with various Unix-like operating systems, most notably Linux, and as part of Java Desktop System in Solaris.

The name originally stood for GNU Network Object Model Environment, though this acronym is deprecated. The GNOME project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity, usability, and making things “just work”.

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Publisher/Developer: Josh Brown

Release Date: Jul 13, 2012

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