CShout 2.0


CShout 2.0

CShout is a shoutbox that completely needs no database at all. It uses a text file as its database. I have created it since I realised that I would need one for my own. Before that, I used the free shoutbox service at http://www.shoutboxes.com from which I adopted the idea. I started with a free tutorial on the internet which was really really basic and simple.

You can download, unrar and enjoy it straight away as well as using it with phpwcms as a mod. I don't know if this is considered as a mod but it does something different to the orginial copy of phpwcms. It is my little contribution to phpwcms community. This mod will add a shoutbox into your phpwcms site using phpwcms custom replacement tag.

If you would not mind, please let me know the website that you use this shoutbox. Put a link in to my shoutbox so that others can have different live demos of this shoutbox.

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Here are some key features of "CShout":

· Use flat-file database, easy for setup and backup
· Support emoticons, flooding control (spam protection), bad words filtering.
· Display timestamp and ip address via tooltip.
· Timezone adjusting.
· Allow the admin to delete unwanted shouts on the fly.
· Search shouts by date, time, shouter, message, and ip address.
· Page navigation.
· New version 2.0 implements AJAX.
· Support any language/charset.

Download and use it now: CShout 2.0 free download

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Price: FREE

Publisher/Developer: Tien D. Tran

Release Date: Jun 28, 2012

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