Crystal Mud Client 0.2.2


Crystal Mud Client 0.2.2

Crystal Mud Client project is a terminal-based MUD client with good protocol support.

Crystal is an adequate MUD client.

At first glance it looks like telnet, but has full line editing and scrollback, character set conversion support, Unicode support, prompt grabbing, xterm titlebar setting, and windowsize negotiation.

It even supports MCCP (compression) and telnet-over-SSL.

It's got support for a decent subset of ANSI, and properly ignores things it doesn't recognize.

Here are some key features of "Crystal Mud Client":

· line editor with full history
· split-screen scrollback
· window size and terminal type negotiation
· ansi colour support and xterm-256-colour support (also, underline, italic, fraktur) where applicable
· MCCP (compression) support
· logging/dumping
· tinyfugue-style prompt grabbing for LP muds
· simple scripting support using lua. for this you will need lua 4.0 installed.
· full ipv6 support
· telnet over SSL support (if you have the openssl library)
· xterm titlebar setting
· unicode support in unicode terminals
· full character set conversion support
· DEC linedrawing characters
· support for the telnet Multiplex protocol

What's New in This Release:

· compile fix if zlib not present.

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Publisher/Developer: Abi Brady

Release Date: Jul 6, 2012

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