armstrong.templates.paywall 1.0.0

The Apache License 2.0

armstrong.templates.paywall 1.0.0

armstrong.templates.paywall provides a basic example of how to create a paywall inside Armstrong.

This template shows a working version of paywall code. The paywall is declared in urls/


You can use this to initial a demo Armstrong project with a paywall. The paywall is defined in urls/ By default, the SubscriptionPaywall returns a 304 when access is denied, but it has been overriden to render the permission_denied.html template instead. The only view that needs to be protected is the ArticleDetailView.

The third article on the front page, 'Help Wanted' is protected. When not logged in, the permission_denied.html will be rendered, but when logged in as a staff member or as the user with the username user and password of user you will see the normal article.html template.

You can install this demo project template via the armstrong binary that ships with armstrong.cli like this:

 armstrong init --template=paywall

You must install this package in order to be able to use armstrong init. You can also use it via Django's as of Django 1.4. Create a clone of the armstrong.templates.paywall repository and run this command (adjusting the paths for your machine): startproject --template=/path/to/armstrong.templates.paywall/project_template

Installation & Configuration

You can install the latest release of armstrong.templates.paywall using pip:

pip install armstrong.templates.paywall

No configuration is required for this component.


- Create something awesome -- make the code better, add some functionality, whatever (this is the hardest part).
- Fork it
- Create a topic branch to house your changes
- Get all of your commits in the new topic branch
- Submit a pull request

State of Project

Armstrong is an open-source news platform that is freely available to any organization. It is the result of a collaboration between the Texas Tribune and Bay Citizen, and a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

To follow development, be sure to join the Google Group.

armstrong.templates.paywall is part of the Armstrong project. You're probably looking for that.

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· Python

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