Apex Text 1.2


Apex Text 1.2

Apex Text is a cross-platform text editor.

ApexText is a product of Apex Editor platform. The Apex Editor project was initiated in 2006 with a motivation - “Provide efficient and lightweight editors with rich functionalities at free of cost”. In early 2008 decision was taken to open source the editor platform. ApexText is a general purpose text editor for developers and non-developers.

Along with other essential features editor provides multi language support at GUI level. Using configuration file, GUI language can be changed very easily. In version 1.2 of text editor other than English, Hindi (an Indian language) is supported. Developers can use code template, code completion, document template, programming tools (e.g. source code comment & uncomment, Java class compile & execution etc.), custom tools features of editor to make development process faster.

Switch to ApexText today and experience the difference.

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Here are some key features of "Apex Text":

· Infinite undo and redo
· Syntax highlighting
· Code templates
· Code completion (preview)
· Individual tab for each document and close button in each tab
· Document templates
· Typed document
· Document deletion
· Renaming document
· Move document to a new location
· Rotating progress indicator for long running tasks (preview)
· Viewing documents in web browser
· Incremental search
· Highlighting search results
· Efficient way of navigation between documents
· Essential tools for Java programming language
· Any number of custom tools can be added
· Splitting editor window
· Document management
· Multi language support at GUI level
· Sophisticated user preferences setup
· The editor can be installed and used in major platforms � Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

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Price: FREE

Publisher/Developer: Mrityunjoy Saha

Release Date: Jul 10, 2012

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