ago 0.0.2

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ago 0.0.2

ago is a Python module that provides human readable timedeltas.

How to install

easy_install ago

How to use

Import ago and create a timedelta object:

from ago import delta2dict, human

from datetime import datetime

# pretend this was stored in database
d1 = datetime(
 year = 2010,

# this is right now
d2 =

# subtract the two for a timedelta object
delta = d2 - d1

# create a dictionary out of the timedelta
# not needed but accessable
delta_dict = delta2dict( delta )
print delta_dict

# display a human readable timedelta
print 'Created ' + human( delta ) + ' ago.'

# optionally pass a precision
print 'Created ' + human( delta, 3 ) + ' ago.'
print 'Created ' + human( delta, 6 ) + ' ago.'

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Release Date: Jul 4, 2012

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